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The majority of air traffic worldwide comes under the heading of general aviation. General aviation refers to any non-military, non-scheduled air flight. General aviation accidents involving small aircraft typically receive much less public attention than commercial airline accidents, but are equally devastating to the people who have been injured or lost loved ones..

I’m Jim Pokorny, an experienced San Diego trial attorney and licensed commercial pilot. I own and fly a small plane, and am intimately familiar with the issues that arise in a general aviation accident or small aircraft crash. If you need a lawyer to help you pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim, contact me today.

Investigating the Causes of Private and Small Aircraft Crashes

Maybe you are the spouse of a pilot who was killed when his or her aircraft was involved in a small aircraft crash. Perhaps your parent was a passenger who went down in a fixed wing accident. Or maybe you were injured when a part in your private airplane failed. You may pilot an ultra light aircraft or a blimp and have been injured in an accident caused by faulty materials. As both a personal injury attorney and a commercial pilot, I have seen all of these situations far too many times.

I have extensive experience pursuing compensation for accidents involving general aviation aircraft such as light planes, helicopters even hang gliders.If you have been injured in a small aircraft crash, call or e-mail the Law Offices of James F. Pokorny, A.P.C. for a free consultation about your claim.

Every general aviation accident is caused by at least one of three factors: personal error, mechanical failure or environmental trouble. I am experienced at sorting out the facts in order to determine who the responsible party is.

Holding the Responsible Party Accountable

Both individuals and companies are responsible for negligence if that negligence causes a fatal accident or serious injuries. If you have lost an immediate family member in the crash of a small plane or private jet, you can pursue a wrongful death claim. If you have been personally injured, you can pursue a personal injury claim. I can help you in either instance.

For any questions or concerns you may have about seeking compensation after a general aviation accident, don’t hesitate to contact me at my office in San Diego, California.

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