Inflatable Accidents

Bounce houses and other inflatable rides are the latest trend in entertainment for children. Kids of all ages enjoy jumping and sliding on these inflatable constructions until they lose their breath. While this is a great opportunity for fun and games, it is also one of the causes of more or less severe injuries. This article takes a closer look at the most common places where bounce houses and inflatable ride injuries may occur.

Children’s parties are perhaps the most dangerous of all. Parents want to please their kids by renting an inflatable bounce house for one day, forgetting that kids should only use such rides under close adult supervision. One moment is everything it takes for someone to get injured and for the party to turn into a mess.

Fundraisers and various events that cater to kids are also among the most frequent places of inflatable ride injuries. Although organizers rent these bounce houses with installation and supervision services, accidents may occur as kids bump into each other by mistake. The idea of offering children the opportunity to entertain themselves while their parents socialize is great, but it surely requires a lot of attention.

Some schools offer this type of ride for kids to spend their breaks in an active and entertaining manner. However, not all teachers are able to keep tabs on all kids at any given time, so various accidents and injuries may occur every now and then.

Last but not least, inflatable bouncers are common in many entertainment centers for children. Despite the strict adult supervision, some incidents may occur, leading to various injuries.

As harmless as they may seem, these inflatable bouncers can be hazardous, particularly when kids use them without supervision. Accidents caused by hidden flaws of the inflatable material are very rare, but they may also occur in certain conditions.

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